Ikan Hoverfly Lightweight Shoulder Rig

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In Stock
Ships from warehouse. This item is not available in store. Item ships in 10-12 business days

The ikan Hoverfly Lightweight Shoulder Rig is designed for HDSLRs and small to medium sized camcorders. The Hoverfly includes a camera mounting plate with multiple threaded mounting holes, 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 D-Ring type camera tie-down screws, and a removable camcorder locating pin with a 1/4"-20 thread that screws into the plate. The textured rubber handgrip attaches to the support arm via a proprietary rosette that also attaches to the camera mounting plate providing you with two points of adjustment.

The locking levers for the rosettes are kipping (spring loaded), which allows you to lock the position of your handgrip and support arm, even when you can't fully rotate the levers. You attach the shoulder support to the support arm and adjust the position for the most comfort and support. You can mount the shoulder support so that it acts as a chest brace, or if you prefer you can turn the shoulder support around and have it hang over your shoulder onto your back.

Removable Locating Pin
The locating pin features a 1/4"-20 threaded stud. It screws into the camera plate and prevents camcorders from twisting on the camera plate. The locating pin is removable so you can mount a DSLR, which does not have a locating pin socket.

Shoulder Pad
Ballistic Nylon protects the foam shoulder pad from wear and tear. You can slide the shoulder pad along the support bar to adjust the rig for comfort. The pad can be oriented so that it sits on your shoulder and braces against your chest giving you stability and support for handheld shooting. If you prefer that the shoulder pad drape over your shoulder and provide support that way. It is a simple matter to loosen the locking lever, slide the pad off the bar, turn the pad around, and mount it back on the bar.


Material of Construction  -  Camera plate and support arm, Machined, anodized aluminum

Shoulder Pad - Nylon covered foam

Camera Mounting Screw  -  D-Ring Type
                                               1 x 1/4"-20
                                               1 x 3/8"-16

Camcorder Locating Pin - 1 x removable (1/4"-20 thread)

Camera Mounting Plate  -  Mounting Holes
                                             1 x 3/8"-16
                                             10 x 1/4"-20

Rosettes - 1 x Proprietary

Adjustment Points  -  2 x Rosettes (proprietary)

Handgrips  -  1

Barcode # 04-ELE-HVRFLY
Brand Ikan

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