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A Modern Point Of View

A Modern Point Of View

I have sometimes been accused of being old-fashioned and taking an outdated point of view. I do not grow angry at this - I merely take out my buggy whip and thrash the critic. I like...
on June 30, 2020
New Action On The Shelves

New Action On The Shelves

Always interesting when someone from our stock management section brings a big cardboard box downstairs and sets out new cameras on the counter. This last week it was these new GoPro action cameras - the Go...
on October 27, 2019
Making A Proper Joby Of It

Making A Proper Joby Of It

I cannot pass by the Joby stand in the shop without running my eye over the accessories there and trying to think up uses for them. This is not to criticize the Joby designers...the things they...
on November 05, 2018
The Legacy Of the Video Game - Manfrotto Joystick

The Legacy Of the Video Game - Manfrotto Joystick

We sold Manfrotto joystick heads - both the 322 lay-down and the 222 upright - for as long as I worked behind the counter and it looks as though there is still a call for them...
on April 22, 2018

The X100 Cameras Go Out For The Day...

And the evening, too. Not everything happens in a studio, so you have to go out to where they store the landscapes. You might be able to make convincing copies on a tabletop or in Photoshop,...
on March 08, 2017

Video With A Bang

Casting about the other day for some sort of a handle to attach my mobile phone to for video work, I came across a couple of German accessories. Unfortunately they were not fitted with gimbals on...
on December 06, 2016


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