The Long Haul Machine

The Long Haul Machine

When we think of long-haul planes we think of Sunderlands, Condors, and Superfortresses...but in reality, we should actually be visualizing Boeing Clippers, Short Empires or Junkers Ju52's as they more closely reflect what our modern air...
on September 06, 2017

You May Notice... Fujifilm

You may notice over the next few months that whenever we advertise the Fujifilm X-series cameras - the X-30, X100S or T, The X-PRO1, The X-E2, or the X-T1 - that we carefully refer to the...
on October 30, 2014

Own An Ona

No need to spill your camera on the ground - Ona is here with the strap you need.If you have been frustrated with the selection of camera straps available until now - too hard, too plain,...
on October 16, 2014

Father's Day Plan - For Fathers

I am a father. I had a father. He had a father. We're trained and qualified in fathering - it has been a family business. We know what we are talking about.I know what I look...
on August 25, 2014

The Persian Rug

Persians, so I am informed, weave deliberate mistakes into their rugs. The rugs themselves are quite sturdy and sometimes very colourful. They can be seen in buildings all over the country - nearly every major city...
on August 07, 2014

Aww, Come On....

Bag and a bar. Six bucks.Money goes to the school - digital bag goes into your camera outfit - chocolate goes to your hips.How good is that?PS: The strawberry and mint ones come in a two-pack,...
on August 05, 2014


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