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Canon DM-E1D Digital Microphone

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Product Highlights
  • External Mic for Select EOS Cameras
  • Connects via Multi-Function Shoe
  • No Internal Battery or Cabling Required
  • 90/120° Stereo & Shotgun Modes
  • Settings Adjustment via Camera
  • Windscreen Included

Dedicated to select Canon cameras featuring a Multi-Function Shoe, the DM-E1D Stereo Microphone is a compact external microphone offering a range of directional control for improved audio quality when recording videos. This dedicated mic utilizes the Multi-Function Shoe to provide power and a digital connection, meaning no batteries or cabled connections are required for use. The streamlined design carries over to settings control, too, with the mic solely featuring a Menu button to bring up a menu on the connected camera for making adjustments and settings changes.

  • Compatible with Canon cameras featuring a Multi-Function Shoe, this mic digitally connects to the camera with this connection and also receives power from it; no batteries or connection cables required.
  • Digital connection greatly reduces buzzing or unwanted noise in audio recordings.
  • Three separate pickup settings are available to suit a variety of shooting needs:
    • Shotgun is a focused recording mode that picks up a narrow band of sound in front of the camera, making it suitable for dialogues, single musical instruments, or other specific subjects.
    • 90° stereo recording mode is suitable for a single subject and adds some audio context to the sides to suit recording small groups of people.
    • 120° stereo recording mode offers a wider angle of sound that is ideal for recording larger groups in more expansive areas, such as a band on stage or an outdoor party.
  • Menu button works in conjunction with the camera's own menu system, and microphone settings adjustments can be made via the camera interface.
  • The included windscreen helps to reduce peripheral sound from wind or other ambient sounds for cleaner, more focused playback.
Microphone Pattern : X/Y Stereo
Microphone Connector Type : Shoe Mount
Colour : Black
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 87.38 x W: 41.4 x L: 108.71 mm
Weight : 0.136000
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