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Canon WFTE2IID Wireless File Transmitter for Canon 1D IV Digital Camera

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  • For Use with Canon 1D Mark IV Digital Cameras and with EOS 1Ds Mark III & 1D Mark III Cameras After Firmware Upgrade

The Canon WFT-E2 II A Wireless File Transmitter The compact WFT-E2 II A raises the bar in what can be achieved wirelessly with an EOS camera. It is easy to connect easily to a wireless network and is designed to provide secure and quick connections.

With Canon's mind-blowing Camera Linking Function, it is possible for up to 10 cameras to shoot the same subject simultaneously and be set to shoot when the shutter is released on the main camera. This feature can lead to endless shooting opportunities for sporting events and other journalistic endeavors, and in the studio. Photographers can also pair their camera and computer for complete remote Live View composing, shooting and image transfer.

The WFT-E2 II A has Bluetooth and USB built in for connections to compatible printers and GPS units. It is designed to mount directly to the side of a compatible EOS camera, and it maintains all-weather-resistant seals and the rugged durability of the camera while affording access to all the camera's buttons and controls.

The WFT-E2 II A is compatible with the EOS-1D Mark IV, plus the EOS-1D Mark III and the EOS-1Ds Mark III (after a firmware upgrade).

Designed to Perform
The WFT-E2 II A is compact and designed to connect directly to the side of the EOS SLR. With an internal antenna and an ideal shape, it's designed not only to maintain the rugged, water resistance of the professional EOS body to which it's attached, but also to ensure that its placement does not interfere with shooting.

Extensive Wired and Wireless LAN Functions
Connecting the camera to a network over Wi-Fi via the attached WFT-E2 II A couldn't be simpler. There are three ways to connect: with a Push Button Configuration (PBC Method), Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN Method, or with a connection wizard through the camera's menu. No matter the situation or the level of security necessary, the WFT-E2 II A is designed to provide safe, speedy connections.

Remote Live View
With the WFT-E2 II A, photographers can pair their camera and a computer for complete remote Live View composing, shooting and image transfer, with a direct wireless connection independent of a network or Internet connection. This means easy control of the shoot through a computer, netbook, iPod Touch or iPhone, onsite or off, and is a simple and effective way to confirm and shoot no matter the physical location of the subject and photographer.

Multiple File Transfer Options
With a WFT or FTP server, wireless remote Live View shooting is possible over the Internet, making it possible to set up, shoot and record images from a remote location. Meanwhile, through a local connection, FTP connection or by connection to a remote server, images can be transferred, backed up and viewed from almost anywhere, in an instant.

USB Host Capability with GPS Support
GPS devices can be connected to the WFT-E2 II A to transmit location and elevation data along with the EXIF data for each image. With Bluetooth, photographers can fully employ GPS units without the concern of tangled wires, and can connect directly to Bluetooth compatible printers. GPS units and external storage can also be connected via USB for more flexibility.

Linked Multi-Camera Shooting
Camera linking makes it possible for up to 10 cameras to shoot the same subject simultaneously, from different angles. Up to 10 cameras can be connected without a WAP or network, and then be set up to take a shot the instant the shutter is released on the Master (Main) camera. With an effective distance range up to approximately 330' (100.58 m), this linked shooting is invaluable for the best possible capture of sports, news and wildlife.

Dimensions (W x H x D) : 4.05 x 2.45 x 1.2"in
Weight : 0.027216
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