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  • 500W/s Monolight
  • Multi-voltage: 90-260VAC
  • Built-in 8 Channel Skyport Receiver
  • Recycling: 0.34 - 1.45 Sec.
  • Short Flash Duration: 1/1,558 @ 115V
  • Flash Variation Range: 5.0 Stops
  • Proportionate Modeling Lamp
  • Optional Computer Control
  • Optional iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Control
  • Pre-flash Detector System
  • Elinchrom Portalite Octa Softbox (22")
  • Elinchrom Translucent Deflector for Softlight Reflectors
  • Elinchrom Stand Kit with Case
  • Elinchrom EL 33198 Tube Bag Black

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The Elinchrom BRX 500 Monolight is packed with professional and convenience features you'd expect from a company of Elinchrom's caliber. Forget about tripping over PC cords. Although this head accepts one, it also has a built-in EL-Skyport Receiver with eight frequency channels that can handle four distinct groups of flashes. The optional transmitter not only allows you to trigger your flash at distances up to 393feet but gives you control of power, on/off, modeling light functions and Speed Sync activation. Free software for Mac and PC computers is available with the transmitter, adding additional features such as Flash-Delay for strobing effects. Add an optional USB Wi-Fi module for computer control. You can even use specially designed apps that allow full remote control via your for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The BRX 500 offers very fast recycling rates of 0.34- 1.45 seconds @ 115V with action-stopping flash durations of 1/1,558 sec. The auto-sensing, multi-voltage BRX 500 recognizes any AC power source from 90-260VAC, allowing you to use it anywhere in the world. Note: The head ships with a 115V modeling lamp. Swap it out for use in a nominal 230V environment.

The Facts

  • Built-in EL-Skyport receiver for triggering
  • 8 Frequency channels with 4 groups
  • EL-Skyport Speed Sync mode for synchronization up to a 1/320 sec. on enabled SLR cameras
  • Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of BRX with speedlights
  • Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modeling lamp comes on to confirm the flash has been triggered
  • Proportional, maximum, minimum and independent adjustment of the modeling lamp
  • Variable f-stop steps: 1/1, 5/10, 4/10, 3/10, 2/10 or 1/10 steps are available
  • Programmable ready beep function
  • Power Auto-dump
  • Automatic temperature controlled ventilation
  • Action flashtube for sharper images
  • Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-260VAC (excluding modeling lamp)
  • 5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras
  • High impact resistant body shell
  • Accessory bayonet allowing the complete range of light modifiers
  • Rubberized handgrip with built-in fuse storage


  • Take full control of your units settings with the EL-Skyport App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the optional Wi-Fi module
  • Additional features such as Flash-Delay for strobing effects are available with the EL-Skyport Software
  • Firmware update option
  • Improved electronics for better performance

Using the Elinchrom Skyport SPEED Transmitter you can control basic functions of Elinchrom units such as the BXRI 250/500, Ranger Quadra and D-Lite-it with the built-in ELS Receiver, and Elinchrom RX units to which a Transceiver RX (not included) is attached. To control all RX functions of Style RX, Ranger RX, Ranger Quadra RX (only Ranger Quadra RX with serial numbers from 4001 onwards) and Digital RX from a computer, the USB Transceiver RX 19354/19348 (not included) and the latest EL Skyport software (not included) are required. With this software, additional features are available such as Strobing, Counter and more.

The Skyport remote control system works at distances up to 196feet (60 m) indoors; up to 393feet (120 m) outdoors, and up to 1/250s shutter speed. It can control flashes in 4 selectable workgroups, and there are 8 frequency channels. With 40-bit security, you get interference-free operation.

The Transmitter synchronizes remote flash units when each is fitted with either a "Universal" receiver (not included) that fits all flash brands or the Transceiver RX (not included) fitting Style RX, Digital RX and Ranger RX units or units with EL-Skyport Transceiver built-in (BXRi 250/500 & Ranger Quadra AS). The RX Transceiver also provides control over the power and modeling lamp of all Elinchrom RX flash units, directly from the Skyport Transmitter Speed. This transmitter uses a 3V lithium battery (CR2430).

  • SLR camera sync speeds: SPEED mode up to 1/250s, STANDARD mode 1/160 - 1/200s
  • 5 selectable trigger modes, (4 Groups + All)
  • 8 frequency channels
  • 40 bit security encryption
  • Up to 60 m range indoors for standard mode and up to 40 m in SPEED mode
  • Up to 120 m range outdoors for standard mode and up to 60 m in SPEED mode.
  • Battery life up to 6 months--over 30,000 flashes
  • RX-feature buttons (Remote Control)
  • Test trigger button and feature button
  • Integrated hotshoe (middle contact) improved
  • SYNC-socket for direct connection improved
  • Two flash modes, standard and SPEED
  • The "Standard" mode is fully compatible with previous EL-Skyport versions
  • The SPEED function is available for Ranger Quadra AS, BXRi 250/500 and D-Lite-it and all other units, when used with the Universal Speed
  • Status LED for EL-Skyport mode and battery status
  • Improved housing, battery drawer and switches
  • New hotshoe with screw-lock
  • New extra features; configure EL-Skyport with the new EL-Skyport PC/MAC software 3.0 (not included)

This Elinchrom Portalite Softbox (26 x 26inch) is usually sold as part of a D-Lite 4 or D-Lite 2 Monolight Kit. It has a flush-front diffuser that measures 26 x 26inch (66 x 66 cm).

The Elinchrom BXRi Tube Bag is designed to safely carry 2 Elinchrom BXRi 250 or 500 flashes. This soft bag fits the 2 compact flashes snugly and securely, for easy transportation and storage.

  • Designed to safely transport and store 2 Elinchrom BXRi 250 or 500 compact flashes

Dramatically soften the light from your Elinchrom EL Mount flash head with this 22inch Portalite Octa Softbox. This octagonal-shaped softbox will produce round catchlights while producing a broad, wraparound light for your subject. It comes with the speedring for compatibility with EL Mount heads. Additionally, it's compatible with the optional deflector system to allow you to use the Portalite as a beauty dish with or without the front diffuser.

This Translucent Deflector for Elinchrom Softlight Reflectors allows some direct, diffused light to reach your subject. It adds a slightly "harder" quality to the light.

The 2 stands in this Elinchrom Stand Kit with Case are designed to support compact and standard flash heads. They have 5/8inch top studs, and rise to a maximum height of 92.5inch with a minimum height of 34.6inch. They will support up to 11 lb, and are stored and transported in the included nylon case with shoulder strap.



  • 500W/s Monolight
  • Multi-voltage: 90-260VAC
  • Built-in 8 Channel Skyport Receiver
  • Recycling: 0.34 - 1.45 Sec.
  • Short Flash Duration: 1/1,558 @ 115V
  • Flash Variation Range: 5.0 Stops
  • Proportionate Modeling Lamp
  • Optional Computer Control
  • Optional iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Control
  • Pre-flash Detector System
  • Elinchrom Portalite Octa Softbox (22")
  • Elinchrom Translucent Deflector for Softlight Reflectors
  • Elinchrom Stand Kit with Case
  • Elinchrom EL 33198 Tube Bag Black

Elinchrom BRX 500 To Go Set With Stands

Maximum Watt/Seconds 500
Guide Number f/90 @ 3.3' (1.0 m) @ ISO 100, with 48° reflector
Recycle Time
  • 115V: 1.45 sec @ full power, 0.34 sec @ min power
  • 230V: 1.13 sec @ full power, 0.36 sec @ min power
Flash Duration
  • Full power @ t0.5: 1/1,558 sec.
  • 1/2 Power @ t0.5: 1/1,395 sec.
Color Temperature 5,410K
Flash Variability 5.0 f/stops: 1/16 - 1/1 (31 - 500W/s)
User Replaceable Flashtube Yes
Changeable Reflector Yes
Modeling Light Wattage 100W
Voltage Stabilization Yes, +/- 0.5%
Flash Ready Indicator Ready light, Switchable audible beep, dimming while recycling
Operating Voltage 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Sync Voltage 5.0VDC
  • Sync cord, optical slave, built-in Skyport receiver
  • Receiver range: up to 393' (120 m) outdoors, 131' (40 m) indoors
Circuit Protection Fuse
Fan Cooled Yes
Auto Dump Yes
Dimensions 10.24 x 7.5 x 5.5" (26 x 19 x 14 cm)
Weight 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)

Packaging Info

Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 0.381 x 0.214 x 0.186 m

Skyport SPEED Transmitter

Dimensions 1.57 x 1.96" (4 x 5 cm)
Weight 1.26 oz (39 g) including battery

Packaging Info

Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 0.138 x 0.133 x 0.041 m

Portalite Softbox (26 x 26")

Size 26 x 26" (66 x 66 cm)
Shape Square
  • All Prolinca and Elinchrom flash units since 1974
  • For Quadra heads with separately purchased adapter
Removable Front Face No
Removable Interior Baffle No
Accepts Grids No
Requires Speed Ring Included for Elinchrom

Packaging Info

Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 0.503 x 0.171 x 0.072 m

BXRi Tube Bag

Packaging Info

Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 0.661 x 0.242 x 0.077 m

Elinchrom Portalite Octa Softbox (22")

Size 22" (56 cm)
Shape Octa
Compatibility EL Mount heads
Removable Front Face Yes
Requires Speed Ring Yes, included

Packaging Info

Package Weight 0.5897 kg
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)  0.323 x 0.229 x 0.069 m

Elinchrom Translucent Deflector for Softlight Reflectors

Packaging Info

Package Weight 0.1134 kg
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)  0.242 x 0.178 x 0.026 m

Elinchrom Stand Kit with Case

Load Capacity 11 lbs / 5 kg
Mounting Options 5/8" Stud
Number of Sections Not specified by manufacturer
Column Diameter Not specified by manufacturer
Maximum Working Height 92.5" / 235 cm
Minimum Working Height 34.6" / 88 cm
Footprint Diameter 3.14" / 8 cm
Leg Shape Not specified by manufacturer
Accepts Wheels Not specified by manufacturer
Air Cushioned No
Detachable Base No
Leveling Leg No
Reverse Legs No
Finish Black
Material Aluminum
Weight 3.2 lbs / 1.45 kg

Packaging Info

Package Weight 4.3773 kg
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)  0.877 x 0.158 x 0.102 m
SKU EL20749
Brand Elinchrom
Shipping Weight 4.3772kg
Shipping Width 0.157m
Shipping Height 0.102m
Shipping Length 0.876m
Unit Of Measure ea
Type New

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