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FUJIFILM XF 18mm f/1.4 R LM WR Lens

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Product Highlights

Measuring 7.56cm in length and weighing just 370g, the XF18mmF1.4 has a filter size of 62mm and a minimum focusing distance of 20cm. This makes it an ideal lens for capturing everything from landscapes and cityscapes to portraits and weddings. The lens’ wide F1.4 aperture offers the ability to shoot in dimly lit environments and also produces incredibly smooth bokeh.
Keeping to the X Series philosophy of creating lightweight and compact imaging solutions that produce outstanding image quality, the XF18mmF1.4 provides incredible optical performance without being heavy or bulky. The XF18mmF1.4 is an easy choice among many photographers compared to other lenses that have a similar angle of view and aperture.

Product features

Exceptional optical performance, even at F1.4

  • The XF18mmF1.4 utilises three aspherical lenses and one ED lens among its 15 lens elements, spread across 9 groups, to minimise chromatic and comatic aberration. This means the finest details of an image will be reproduced with high levels of detail and sharpness.
  • To deliver consistent sharpness the focus group, made up of six lens elements, move in unison to reduce aberration fluctuations that can occur when focusing.

Designed for versatility

  • The XF18mmF1.4 has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 27mm and can achieve Minimum Focus Distance on subjects as close as 11cm from the front element of the lens (MOD 20cm). This gives it a broad range of applications from being used to capture images of everyday moments to sweeping landscapes.

Fast, accurate, and near-silent autofocus

  • The XF18mmF1.4 uses an internal autofocus (AF) system, driven by a powerful linear motor, to provide fast, accurate, and near-silent AF. From the lens’ minimum object distance (MOD) of 20cm the focusing group of lens elements moves 2.5mm. This means focus can be achieved in as quickly as 0.04 seconds*1.
  • Focus can be achieved from MOD to infinity in as quickly as 0.25 seconds.
    All components in the manual focusing ring have been designed to deliver precise control when manual focus is in use.

Compact, lightweight and weather-resistant

  • The XF18mmF1.4 has a 62mm filter thread that measures 7.56cm in length, and weighs just 370g. This makes it incredibly lightweight and portable. While the lens barrel is made from metal, it is designed to weigh as little as possible without compromising its overall strength.
  • The lens has weather-resistant seals at eight locations along the lens barrel, making it resistant to dust, moisture, and temperatures as low as -10°C.
  • The new aperture ring design with an ‘A’ position lock prevents accidental movement of the aperture ring from the Automatic setting.
Lens Mount : FUJIFILM X-Mount
Lens Format Coverage : APS-C Lenses
Lens Type : Wide Angle
Focus Type : Autofocus
Image Stabilisation : No
Maximum Aperture : f/1.4
Minimum Aperture : f/16
Lens Series : FUJIFILM X
Zoom/Primes : Prime Lenses
Colour : Black
Filter Size : 62mm
Kit : No
Lens Dimensions (D x L) : 68.8 x 75.6mm
Weight : 0.370000
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