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Kenko 82mm RealPro MC UV Filter

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Product Highlights
  • Use with any lens, with no loss of light. The REALPRO Protector uses an ultra-thin frame to avoid vignetting effects on wide and super-wide angle lenses.
  • The frame of the REALPRO Protector is equipped with a knurling surface to prevent slipping, making attachment and removal easy and stress-free.
  • The satin finish increases friction between fingers and frame for quick operation, while the satin black minimises internal reflections.
  • To reduce the internal light reflections off the edge of the filter glass, Kenko uses black-rimmed glass.
  • Every REALPRO filter comes with durable, reusable plastic case with UV-Cut protection, lengthening the life of the filter by shielding it from UV rays.

The Kenko 82mm Real Pro MC UV Filter is a two-purpose filter. Its principal function is to cut out UV light, which is the main cause of hazy photos on sunny days, however it also serves as a front-mounted lens protector that may just save your lens' front element from serious damage. Kenko's Anti-Stain Coating repels moisture and makes the filter easy to clean, while Anti-Reflection Multi Coating provides superior light transmission to prevent flare and ghosting.

The REALPRO UV is a multi-purpose, fine-weather filter that blocks UV light, which is the main cause of unclear and hazy photos on sunny days. The REALPRO UV filter adopts UV-CUT glass, which blocks unwanted UV spectrum rays before light fully passes through the filter. This type of glass has a slight yellow tint, but this causes no negative effect on the image. The REALPRO UV filter also serves as a permanent lens protector.

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