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UBTECH Jimu Series CourtBot Kit

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Product Highlights
  • 3 Official Characters (DumperBot, ShootBot, DunkBot)
  • 500+ Snap-together Parts & Connectors
  • 1 Main Control Box 
  • 3 Smooth Motion Robotic Servo Motors
  • 2 DC Motor
  • 1 Infrared Sensor
  • 1 USB Cable
  • Free JIMU APP

Phone-controlled and programmable for various actions, a new generation robot!
Jimu (in Chinese, this word means "building block") is a series of designers with which you can create robots. At first glance, the Jimu constructor resembles Lego Mindstorms and allows you to assemble a robot from parts that are joined together, and then program its behaviour using the supplied application. Following the instructions, you can build one of the proposed template models or assemble a completely new design - it all depends on you.

To program the robot, it must be connected to the Android or iOS device via the Bluetooth interface and run the Jimu application, after which you can plunge into the work or the game. As you like more. During a demonstration at the recent CES Consumer Electronics Show, reporters managed to make sure that the Jimu robot was programmed very simply: just press the record button in the application and move the robot to the desired position. You can combine a number of movements, forcing the robot to wave, dance and do whatever you want.

Like any other designer, Jimu Robot comes in a convenient box, inside which there are many compartments for sorting each component. They can be multi-coloured, which greatly improves the appearance of each of the possible schemes. The final design of the model will depend on the chosen design. The exact number of those is not indicated, since you can also assemble your own models, which will be endowed with a certain list of visual characteristics. This again gives the designer many advantages over analogues.

Using Jimu robots, you can learn the basic coding logic with your child and understand how robotic systems work. Three-dimensional visualised guides of Jimu robots will help you! Suitable for children aged 8 years and older. Your child will develop his motor skills and learn how to concentrate when creating a robot, following the instructions.

With the CourtBot Kit, you can build the following robots:

  • ShootBOT - Carries and throws the ball.
  • DunkBot - Holds and throws the ball with moving front hands.
  • DumperBot - Holds and moves objects.

567 blocks of environmentally friendly plastic ABS!

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