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UBTECH Robotics Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot

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Product Highlights
  • Simulates Human Action
  • 16 Servo Joints for Lifelike Movement
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Programmable Actions and Music Playback

The Alpha 1 Pro from UBTECH is a humanoid robot that can simulate and perform various programmable actions, such as dance moves, martial arts, and much more. Its body is designed with 16 servo joints, making its movements all the more lifelike. Bluetooth technology is onboard, allowing you to control the Alpha 1 Pro from your compatible Windows, iOS, or Android device without having to fuss with any wires.

On top of wireless control, the Alpha 1 Pro can also be programmed using Blocky coding. Using the code editing app, simply drag the existing code module in the app and adjust the parameters to program Alpha's actions. For coding newcomers, Alpha 1 Pro offers a game to teach users various types of programming in a fun, exciting way.

The Alpha 1 Pro's aluminium-alloy structure and ABS housing mean it's both durable and safe for operators of almost any age. It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 60 minutes of continuous motion on a full charge.

Flexible and Skilful
With 16 movable joints, Alpha 1 Pro can dance, move, work out, and so much more. These abilities are all made possible thanks to the Alpha 1 Pro's sophisticated servos, which have timing accuracy within 0.01 sec, support 360° rotation, and can move with accuracy to 1°.

Workout Together
Alpha 1 Pro is both a companion and a workout buddy. It can do yoga moves, certain exercises, and can even dance.

Learn as You Play
For beginners, Alpha 1 Pro offers a game that introduces various types of programming knowledge. Users can master programming in the context of a fun game.

Code Sequences
Alpha 1 Pro can be programmed with Blockly coding. Drag the existing code module in the app and adjust the parameters to program the robot's actions. You can make the robot dance, perform unique martial arts, and more.

Built to Last
Matte ABS plastic is used for Alpha 1 Pro's body, which is environmentally friendly and smooth to the touch. This material will not release BPA or other harmful substances during use. This material also provides Alpha 1 Pro with drop resistance and can safeguard against strong impacts.

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