2001 - The Space Oddity

on January 08, 2014

We have just reached the landmark figure of 2001 "likes" on our Facebook page. This is the result of incisive writing, award-winning superstar images, and paying the Facebook people to run an advertisement along the side of people's pages. We are not ashamed of this as it makes a nice change from "single older women in your area" and "35 foods you must never eat".

The bit that concerns me is the "confused's" and "appalled's " that we also collected - and that was from staff members... Some of those emoticons can be really, really hurtful. I am not allowed to de-friend anyone here but I have started leaving thumb tacks on the seats.

But it is good to see that the message is getting out there. We love photography here, even if that means going home and throwing ourselves on a bed weeping. We try new things all the time, and listen eagerly to the experiences of our customers. Sometimes we learn of things that the manufacturers never explain properly. Say what you will about someone with the patience to read thoroughly through a big instruction book - we appreciate their thoroughness.

Now - on to the next frontier. The digital counter-revolution. When we all get 8" x 10" sensors in wooden field cameras and pedal-powered laptops.