Sponsorship and Media

At Camera Electronic, we have always been delighted to help Australian photographers with access to the best equipment and service. We also recognise that there are a number of worthy organisations that wish to foster professionalism, art, and good fellowship in the photography arena. We strive to support these organisations wherever possible and have acted as a sponsor or contributor for a number of societies, clubs, events and special people in the past. A list of our main sponsorship partners is below.

This sort of contribution from Camera Electronic has benefits for all three participants; the organisations can offer better prizes and more support for their members, the members can encounter the latest equipment, techniques, and artistic trends, and Camera Electronic can make new friends. People are always interesting and photographers even more so - they bring reality to the trade of photo marketing. Camera Electronic always benefits from feedback and interest from society members.

Remember - every staff member at Camera Electronic is also a photographer and we really, truly do love photography.