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Camera Servicing

A camera is a delicate instrument, and requires a delicate touch when it comes to repairs.  Camera Electronic’s fully-equipped repairs workshop is staffed by expert technicians, who are masters of fixing valuable photographic equipment. We can measure performance, analyse faults and assess outcomes before commencing work and will provide accurate quotes for repair or insurance purposes. Please understand, some repairs are complex and may take time, but routine tasks such as sensor cleaning are undertaken rapidly.

Contact us for service and repair on:

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Flashes
  • Studio Lights
  • Tripods and stands
  • Other photographic items
  • Infrared Conversions
  • Sensor and Full Cleans

Electronic is part of our brand name and has been a cornerstone of our repair department for decades – no-one can afford to ignore this vital aspect of modern photography. It's a complex field, but our trained technicians can tune and repair all forms of photo-electronics.

Our standard practice is a quote fee needs to be paid for all equipment repairs at time of booking. This will then come off the final repair cost if cost is accepted. Please note, quote fee may vary, depending on the item booked in for repair.

If you require manufacture or adaptation of equipment for specialist tasks such as aerial shots, underwater photography or surveillance work, you'll find us imaginative and experienced. We will help you think through your needs and achieve success. Sometimes, the additional capability of a specialist repairer can make all the difference for a professional result.

Some professional photographic users benefit from extended service contracts and we can also supply hire equipment to fill in during service time. All in all, when it comes to repair and service, our Repairs Department is the best partner for you to choose.


Quote Fees
All quotes - $99 [Quote fees will come off the final repair price if accepted]
Leica quote - $199 [Quote fees will come off the final repair price if accepted]


board repair


Flite Board Servicing

We are an authorised service partner for Fliteboard HQ. 

Initial 6 month/50HR (from first use) & ongoing 12 monthly/100HR service.


The initial 6 month/50HR and ongoing 12 monthly/100HR (whichever comes first) service requires that your eFoil (mast), Flite Controller and True Glide Prop (if purchased) be serviced by an authorised service partner or Fliteboard HQ. 

  1. The service of the mast consists of an overall inspection and replacement of motor seals, oil, anode and wing pad.
  2. The service of the controller is to check the overall condition and trigger mechanism.
  3. The service of the TGP is to check the overall condition, and re-grease the bearings.
  4. Please be sure to include your user manual (Series 2 onwards) in the shipment to your closest authorised partner, as this now includes the maintenance schedule which is required to be filled in.

IMPORTANT: The Fliteboard Limited Warranty may be void if your Fliteboard has missed the required service schedule. 


The eFoil, Flite Controller, and TGP need to be packed carefully in the eFoil travel bag, and shipped to your nearest location once organised.

The dimensions and weight of the eFoil bag for shipping purposes are;

Series 1 and 2 eFoil Bag

-Size: 110 x 71 x 28cm
-Weight: 6.5 kg

Series 2.2 eFoil Bag

-Size: 110 x 60 x 20cm
-Weight: 2.7 kg



Repair Enquiry

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