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High quality, accurate, compliant photos that comfortably meet all standards every single time

Perth's Best Biometric Passport and Visa Photos

Professional photo studios, run by an expert team in two easy to reach and convenient locations.

All Your Passport, Visa & ID Photo Needs in One Place

Perth’s first choice studios for all your passport, visa, and ID photo needs! A one-stop solution with an expert team on hand, to ensure all photos meet the requirements of official documents. There’s trust in knowing the perfect image will be captured for your important documents.

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • ID Cards
  • Citizenship
  • Visas
  • Social Profiles
  • Immigration
  • Digital / Hard Copy

Quality Service Guaranteed at Camera Electronic

Discover unparalleled quality and precision at Camera Electronic for all your passport, visa, and ID photo needs. State-of-the-art equipment guarantees biometric photos of the highest calibre. A quality service backed by attention to detail maximises customer satisfaction.

  • Quality
  • Certified
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  • Guarantee

How To Avoid Passport Photo Mistakes

Embarking on safe international travel requires more than just a passport; it demands a high-quality, accurate, and compliant passport photo. The precision in capturing these images is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and efficient passage. From the right facial expression to adherence to specific guidelines, each detail matters. Here are a few tips for achieving flawless photos that meet stringent criteria, and guarantee a stress-free experience when it matters most.

  • Facing straight forward and looking at the camera
  • Have a neutral expression with no smiling or frowning
  • Eyes open and visible, and mouth closed
  • No reflection or glare from glasses. It is preferred that photos are taken without glasses
  • No hair in front of the eyes
  • No hairbands, slides or other decoration
  • No hat or head covering unless for religious or medical grounds and all facial features must still be visible
  • No clothing or objects in front of the face
  • No “red eye” from a camera flash
  • No shadows on the subject or background

Absolute Musts for Passport and Visa Photos

When it comes to passport and visa photos, compliance is not just recommended, it’s absolutely imperative. Your passport serves as an official gateway to international travel. Capturing the required photo is a critical necessity. From timing it right, to background colour, to image clarity, it all matters. Read the non-negotiable essentials below to know your documentation is spot-on, from the very start.

  • Take within month of application
  • Colour photo
  • On plain, white photographic paper, no border
  • A plain cream or light grey background only
  • Clear and in focus image
  • Free from creases or tears
  • Unmarked
  • A close-up of full head and shoulders only
  • Free from objects and other people

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