For over half a century, Camera Electronic has been part of Western Australia's photographic landscape, standing as the most trusted name in the industry. Now, it's with great excitement that we step into a new era by introducing our in-house Film Developing service at our iconic Murray Street Store, Perth.

A testament to our commitment to preserving memories, our skilled team is ready to bring your film to life, embracing the essence of photography's timeless charm. Join us for a delightful experience – drop by, share a cup of coffee, and watch as your precious moments materialize before your eyes. Trust the pioneers of photography to transform your film into vivid stories that endure through generations. We're not just any team – we're a bunch of passionate photographers and lifelong lovers of all things photography. 


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Film Developing 

We've honed our skills to treat your film like a precious treasure, giving it all the love and care it deserves. Our mission is to make sure every photographer out there gets the ultimate full-service experience. 

We offer:

  • C41 Colour
  • B&W
  • Medium & Large Format 

Turn Arround

  • C41 Film Processing usually available in two days
  • B&W, Medium & Large Format usually available in two weeks

Contact Us if you have any questions about film processing or would like to book yours.

Alternatively pop into our Murray Street Store to deliver your rolls of film.