7 in 1 - Either A Grimm Fairy Tale Or A Photographic Marketing Ploy

on January 06, 2016

We used to have reflectors for photography that had only one side. Mathematicians may see a flaw in this as topographically the disc reflector had a front and a back. And an edge, we hasten to add, for the literal-minded. But for a long time they only put a white surface on one side and left the other as a nondescript cloth that did nothing. Not no more.

Starting with a well-known English manufacturer of lighting accessories, and followed-on by a number of budget copyists from other continents, the trade has made increasingly complex reflector sets for studio and outdoor use. Today we review a 7 -in-1 from Promaster.

These kits come in several sizes - I picked the 22 -inch set from the shop racks and unfolded all the possibilities.

The basic structure is the familiar steel band loop stretching out a translucent fabric. Then a 3-part cover is sewn up that provides 6 more types of reflecting surface. The choices of fabric take it from merely a light modifier to an actual backdrop accessory. What it lacks in surface area it makes up in versatility.

Here's the thing out of the pod. Looks like a Sandpoint hamburger, doesn't it?

Ah, but here is what was lurking - a small green screen just perfect for close-ups with one of the small GS programs. Green Screen Wizard is also available from Promaster in kits and does a decent little job.

If you are a blue screen worker this is also available on one surface. Sort of glows, doesn't it?

Silver is always a strong reflector though it can cause hot spots if the main light source is strong.

White is flatter and a little more controllable.

Silver/gold warms an image a little.

And pure gold warms an image a lot.

That's 6. All good for photography. But the package promises 7. Here is where Promaster have exercised their ingenuity. Seizing upon the popularity of the movies " Jurassic Park " and " Jurassic World " they have introduced the dinosaur surface.