A Big Thank You From....

on January 15, 2014

Saul and Howard would like to thank some people for their advice, assistance, endeavour, and artistry in the recent refurbishment of the front of the shop. They would also like to thank the staff for not mutinying and running amok*.

The front of the shop has changed in recent times - Leica has added a very elegant black and red boutique shop with a large wall cabinet and two rather sophisticated island display tables. Their products have never looked better in our shop, and we anticipate increased interest amongst Leica enthusiasts. The sport optics even have their own dedicated cabinet

Nikon Australia has taken the spot that used to hold some of our pre-owned equipment and have transformed it to a bright yellow and black display that showcases their FX and DX cameras and lenses. Not to be outdone, they too have provided a free-standing table cabinet with an electronic display to help us keep track of the different equipment specifications. We can now have space for their 1 system camera and their binoculars, so it is all good.

What about a bit of red or black and silver in the shop? Are Canon and Fuji to do anything special? Patience, children...it will be wonderful.

And there is also a big thank you to the clients who have visited throughout the year and who have been so patient with the change in computer system. It has been a big task, and unfortunately will need more fine tuning, but will provide better service in the future.

That's what we want - we love photography, and we want this to really be the best photography store in Australia. Thank you for letting us go forward to this.

* Early days...amok is still an option.