A Rare Edition Visits Australia

on January 13, 2014

We are accustomed to seeing items offered from major manufacturers with the " Limited Edition" label, but we rarely get them quite as limited or quite as attractive as this one. It is a Limited Edition Ricoh GR camera outfit.

How limited? Only five thousand made and sent out worldwide. How many to Australia? Twelve. How many on offer from Camera Electronic here in Perth? Three.

It is a kit of the Ricoh GR digital camera and the accessories to make it work with elegance:

1. Dedicated lens barrel protector and lens hood GH-3 in black crackle finish.
2. Soft leather case GC - 5 in exclusive colour.
3. Soft leather strap GS - 3 in matching colour.
4. Ricoh GR camera in blue mist hammertone finish with marble finish grip panel.
5. All the cables, battery and charger you need to operate it on a PC.

The finish is reminiscent of fine jewellery - a sort of blue-green hammertone surface treatment that matches well with the grey marbled hand grip. Buttons are in silver - a most attractive combination.

The hood seems to loom out in the photo - I assure you that this is the effect of me using a short focal length setting to take the picture - it is actually well-balanced. The effect of using it will be to make sure that no glare washes out your pictures. It also provides a haven of protection for the lens of the camera when it is in the open position.

The cameras are stylish - no doubt about that - and rare. Only three available from us here in Perth out of the twelve sent to Australia. The price reflects the rarity:

Complete Limited Edition GR Kit............$ 1199

If you would like to get one of the regular black Ricoh GR cakmeras to go along with your new Limited Edition, we can sell you one at $649 - that's a bargain as the RRP of the regular black Ricoh GR is $ 849.

One thing is certain - all your photographic friends will envy you the camera performance and all your fashionable friends will envy you the styling!