AIPP WA Epson Professional Photography Awards

on July 09, 2012
Here's the detailed results of the recent presentation of the AIPP WA Epson Professional Photography Awards - held on the 4th of July at the East End Bar and Lounge, Fremantle. You'll recognize some of the names as they are what Claude Rains referred to as " Usual Suspects ". We've rounded them up so here's looking at you, kids...

Commercial Division

Finalists: Russell Barton
Tony Hewitt
Stefanie King

Runner up: Tony Hewitt

Winner: Russell Barton

Family Division

Finalists: Robert Alla
Gary Sarre
Jane Bennett

Runner up: Robert Alla

Winner: Jane Bennett

Portrait Division

Finalists: Steve Wise
Rebecca Johansson
Greg Hocking

Runner up: Greg Hocking

Winner: Steve Wise

Wedding Division

Finalists: James Simmons
John Woodhouse
Rebecca Johansson

Runner up: Rebecca Johansson

Winner: James Simmons

Illustrative Division

Finalists: Christian Fletcher
James Simmons
Alan McDonald

Runner up: Christian Fletcher

Winner: James Simmons

Landscape Division

Finalists: Lise Goessmann
Tony Hewitt
Vittorio Natoli

Runner up: Tony Hewitt

Winner: Vittorio Natoli

Student Division

Finalists: Gerrie Cooney
Adam Browne
Nico Kenderessy

Runner up: Nico Kenderessy

Winner: Gerrie Cooney

Emerging Division

Runner up Jennifer de Vos

Winner: Lillian Frost

Album Award

Winner: Jodie Lagana

Print Handlers Award

Winner: Christian Fletcher

John Whitfield-King Award

Winner: James Simmons

WA Professional Photographer of the Year

Runner up: James Simmons

Winner: Vittorio Natoli

Of course congratulations to the photographers who have gained these awards. It will happen again next year and here's hoping they can play it again, Sam...