on June 18, 2012
Sort of just rolls off the tongue, don't it?

What it really translates to is the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Western Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards Presentation. That's a drinks night and party with photos for, by, and at professional photographers. But they're not being stand-offish - if you'd like to see the pictures and hear the speeches and find out what is going on you can join in too.

The venue is the East End Bar and Lounge - always a good sign when they hold one of these things in a bar - at 198 High Street, Fremantle. It is on Wednesday, 4th of July, and starts at 7:00.

The advertising card for it asks you to " dress to impress ". Given that you may meet clients and employers at the affair, this would be wise, though there is such a wide variety of impressions that may be made...

It is not expensive - $ 50 entry - but you will have to be quick. The organisers have asked for a booking before the 22nd of this month. A quick transfer on your computer over to the AIPP website will bring you the contact details, and you should be in for the party. I am going to look out my most impressive outfit right now - I hope the wig has not uncurled in this wet weather. If it looks bad I'll have to go as Ben Franklin.