Apple OSX Lion Upgrade

on July 27, 2011
The much anticipated upgrade to the Apple operating system has been released in the form of OSX Lion. Apple certainly has come a long way since OSX Kitten.......sorry couldn't help myself!

But seriously, the introduction of the system has not come without it's issues with compatibility with other programs.

At this stage we are aware that the following programs are not as yet compatible with the new upgrade;
Photoshop CS3 and earlier
Some issues with certain interface features of CS4 and CS5

Nik Software has proven to be fine with the upgrade if you had it installed prior to upgrading, however the Nik plug-ins will not work if you try to load them after upgrading to Lion.

Epson engineers have advised an update for printers requiring Rosetta will not be available until mid-September, early-October.

Our advice is to carefully check the compatibility of your current programs before upgrading. Most "bugs" are ironed out within six months so to save any issues, hold off upgrading until all patches/drivers to match have been released by manufacturers.