Ask Us How You Can Get A Stick For Your Own Back

on January 01, 2014

And not just any old stick - a good big heavy one that will punish you severely. No use being delicate about it - when you want to be unhappy, we can sell you the right gear.

In case you have raised your eyebrows at this, consider the specifications that are quoted for big modern professional cameras - I mean how many shots per second they go on continuous firing. 5, 6,...9 frames per second. The sort of thing that pro's used to dream of with big motor drives and 250-shot backs. You used to see these accessories on the advertisements along with the bellows units and the 1200mm lenses. No-one i ever met bought them but everyone knew that professionals used them...

Well now the whole wide world can blast away at 5 fps whenever they need to just barely fail to capture the moment. Whole libraries can be filled with successive images of people almost hitting the ball and nearly getting to the peak moment of the ballet step. This is the big stick I mentioned - the back is when you commit all these to your hard drive and then cannot bring yourself to realise that the rotten thing did not work and to throw the images out.

No-one ever admits to hoarding the failures - but we all do it. That is what keeps Western Digital, LaCie, and Drobo in business. We fill the image hopper and turn the valve off on the bottom.

Resolved for 2014: To go through the library and finally admit that the ones that did not work did not work. They are not going to get better sitting there using up 1's and 0's that could be better spent. Clean out the continuous-fire flops.

And make room for more...