Bag 'O Many Uses

on June 04, 2018
Some photographers search for ready-made solutions to their problems. Others reverse it - they seek out problems to match their solutions. My favourite group - a group to which I belong - finds a solution and turns it into a problem. Then we run like blazes. I was reminded of this when inspecting the Lowepro DroneGuard CS300. It is the perfect solution for the problem of getting a drone safely to the launch site. Sturdy, fitted, and man-portable, it can house the aircraft, spare batteries, controllers, and propellers and do so while being carried the back - leaving the hands free to assist in crawling through underbrush or chain-link fences. All the interior parts are removable and fasten upon the basic shell with Velcro™. Plenty of loops on the outer face of the lid to accommodate wire-cutters, sonic screwdrivers, or limpet mines. A day's play with the drone should be easy whether visiting the local park or climbing up Bluff Knoll in a sleet storm. For the rest of us - the ones who avoid public parks and Bluff Knoll - the chief advantage of this backpack is the fact that it is a semi-rigid case. It fits delightfully in between the soft pack that gets crushed in the overhead locker and the hard waterproof case that crushes the user. It should be a lot easier to get past the weighty eye of the flight attendant. You couldn't stand on it, like you could with a Pelican case, but you could trust it to resist the ham hands of the handlers if it does get consigned to an aircraft hold. They could still bust it, but they'd need heavy machinery and time unobserved to do it - so your chances are better. It doesn't pretend to be something the Royal Marines would carry and you'd not choose it to carry your life from one end of Europe to the other...but it is indeed a good reasonable solution to photo gear around home.