Bag Week - Mirrorless Movement

on September 17, 2017
That's a play on words, with the basis being the Think Tank bags you see here. They are referred to as " Mirrorless Movers ". They move quite well, thank you, and for a good reason - they are one of the most sensible camera cases for modern use. Camera bag design and branding are one of those topics - like camera brand loyalty - that occupy a lot of spare space in forums and group meetings. It might sound trite or pedestrian, but there are times when pedestrians would do well to think the matter out clearly. Walking around with camera equipment is a lot of fun if you are visiting interesting places and getting great shots. Walking around with an entire armamentarium of DSLR lenses in case the great shot presents itself is also fun, but most of the enjoyment occurs when you see a bench and can sit down. Thus one of the sales features of the mirror-less camera systems - lighter weight and smaller gear. Those of you with professional-quality full-frame mirror-less cameras and the entire armamentarium of pro glass in your backpacks can sit there on the bench until feeling comes back into your feet - we are addressing those people who have a small camera body and one or two lenses. The Mirror-less Mover is your go if you want to work with a shoulder bag or a hand-carry bag. Space inside for a body, two lenses, and possibly a small flash - with a dedicated pocket for an iPad mini as well. You'll also get space on the outside for cards, batteries, and the overall rain cover. The end pockets can house your mobile phone and other walkers accessories. The bag comes in several colours - you see two here and there is a neutral grey as well. Of course there is a padded shoulder strap included. You can also carry it aboard any airliner without having an argument and it will fit in any overhead locker. Leave those troubles to the backpacker folks. Your game is movement and photography - leave them to worry about the transport logistics and the ringing in their ears after climbing sets of scenic temple stairs with a studio on their back.