Be 13% Happier Tomorrow!

on November 11, 2015

Some of you that read our Facebook page and are on the mailing list may know this news already but there are others who only read the blog - turning to it faithfully each morning with their cornflakes.

Well pour the milk, chew fast, and get your credit card out of the bottom of the sugar caddy. Tomorrow is the day to spend some money.

Friday, 13th of November is tomorrow - on Friday the 13th. Just as well, all the calendars have been marked with the date...13. Friday.

For one day only - tomorrow - Camera Electronic is putting a flat discount of 13% on Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma, Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Sony cameras and lenses. All purchases must be paid in full on the day.

The spooky ad on the electronic email shows a Victorian haunted house. You are free to draw your own conclusions about which staff member's house they photographed to do this. If you guess right you get to go up and push the creaky old door open and step into the darkness...

In the meantime step into the darkness here at 230 Stirling Street tomorrow between 8:30 and 5:30. 13% off is nothing to sneeze at...particularly when you consider all the other independent financial offers being made by manufacturers at the moment.

This is an ideal opportunity for bargain hinters who do not normally screw up courage to wheedle - because this means you get the discount with no need to appear pesky. Those people who are normally pesky can relax it for the day - because they're going to get is the same 13% off that the others get.

The place may be a little disarranged as there was a major Leica event held there tonight, but it should be reset by mid-morning. Come in and make a noise like a wallet.