Black Or Silver Olympus

on December 11, 2014

We got a dump truck full of Olympus mirror-less cameras earlier this year for the Christmas trade and then everyone bought them. Good idea, just peaked a little early. So we ordered more...

This time we got even newer ones - E-Pl5 bodies in silver and black. They go perfectly with the Zuiko 17mm f:1.8, Zuiko 25mm f:1.8 and Zuiko 45mm f:1.8, of which we also have a wheelbarrow full.

Obviously they are at good prices to shift through - the bodies are $ 549.

The economic icing on the photographic cake is that the lenses attract Olympus cash-backs from now to the end of January 2015. You can get $ 50 each on the lenses sent back to your bank account from Olympus - That'll pay for your memory cards.

These are the camera bodies with the inbuilt pop up flashes and the tilt screen. Also with the advanced 5-axis stabilisers. Compatible with all the fine Olympus lenses - come down and see the new 40-150 f:2.8 just arrived...