Brand New Nikon - Same Old Michael

on August 05, 2021
I dived for the Nikon stand at the PhotoLive 2021 as soon as I saw the little group of colourful cameras at the front of the table. I'd been primed to this by reports of the new Nikon Zfc retro-style mirrorless camera that had been introduced just a few weeks earlier by the company. I read DP Review and Rockwell and a lot of other sites every day - the reports so far seem very impressive. What I didn't realise was that the colourful examples there were trade samples showing the decor. Nevertheless, they were spectacular to look at and I think will sell the product to a whole new range of clients - people who have started to see cameras just as same old/same old. There is bound to be a major show and launch when they come on stream here in Australia and I am going to make sure I'm there to see it. There will also be the release of a much bigger new Nikon mirrorless camera, I suspect, but this is still just glimpses and rumours from the Tokyo Olympics. I can't say I approve big flagship cameras...which is a very silly statement from a minor writer...and very biased. It's because I favour smaller and lighter vessels to sail on my seas. The Nikon Zfc seems to be an ideal combination of size and style at present, and I'll certainly watch to see what new lenses are released to continue the retro trend. There's a 28mm out now and it cannot be too long before more are made. But if the camera was not too much of a surprise, that doesn't apply to Michael. He has been showing and promoting ( and explaining ) Nikon for years. When I've needed a Nikon tech-explanation, he has been the person to apply to. But he has a hidden talent no-one suspected - he is a juggler. Not rubber balls or lemons or chainsaws. He juggles lenses. Specifically Nikon lenses. Before you question his sanity, he hastens to show you that they are the show dummy lenses that are sent out as display models for shelf cameras. That may be, but the skill on show is still impressive. No-one who is a photographer can watch it without their hearts in their mouths. And some of us wonder if somewhere there is a trail of broken eggs that led up to the present skill. As long as they weren't broken Nikkors... PS: If he gets to the point of being able to juggle three of the 200-500mm Nikon telephotos I'm going to buy him a tuxedo with sequins sewn on it and hire the royal show grounds. Evel Knievel made it big jumping buses and that wasn't half as scary.