Bribe Us

on December 22, 2011

This is the time of year when thoughts naturally turn to morality and good behaviour, and we here at Camera Electronic wish to do our part to see that it is encouraged.

A long-time customer has just dropped a Christmas basket full of chocolates here for the enjoyment of the staff. Of course this is bribery in an attempt to sway us in his favour – and it will succeed brilliantly. There is no better way to engage our attention than chocolate, or beer, or those big ham and salad rolls you used to get at school canteens.

This is a scientific method that ensures you will get whatever you order before anyone else and that it will work perfectly first time. Your car will never stop on the side of the freeway and you will be given a seat on the lifeboat. Your brother-in-law will admire you and the ATO will send your tax demands to South America and then forget about them. All this for a basket of treats.

Can you afford to doubt me? Better play safe – the shops are open late and there is still time to bring us something good....