Buy Two While They Are Cheap - Hasselblad Make All Your Lens Dreams Come True

on March 31, 2014

Hasselblad would like you to buy one of their new H5D-40 digital cameras. Now, please. If you have space in the car, buy two - saves coming back later when you discover that the kids have taken yours. And got marmalade on the lens.

To reward you for this purchase they are are proposing to sell you some of the razor-sharp Hasselblad lenses for remarkably reduced prices - in some cases you can save up to 50%. The lenses that are offering are:

HC 2.1/100mm
HC Macro 4/120mm
HC 3.2/150mm
HC 4/210mm

The reasons for buying the Hasselblad H5D-40 actually do extend a little further than just saving money on the lenses. The camera is the top of the medium format digital world with 40 megapixel sensor, Phocus 2.8 software, and the unique True Focus AF system that maintains correct focus even when you recompose your composition.

Please check out their website now. The images that Hasselblad feature to showcase their own equipment are excellent, but I would also go to Alexia Sinclair's website to see what more can be done. I saw these presented on a big screen a couple of years ago and thought them the best of the profession.