Buya Body, Buddy...

on April 30, 2014

The Nikon cash back deals start today.

First cabs off the rank are the Nikon D 610 full-frame digital camera body and the Nikon D 800 full-frame digital camera body.

On the first one you can receive $ 50 cash straight back from Nikon via their My Nikon Life website. On the second you can receive $ 200 back in your bank account via the same means.

These payments are quite independent of the prices you might pay to the authorised Nikon dealers - like us. The ones that sell Nikon equipment that is backed by the two0-year Nikon Australia warranty...

The Nikon website is:

Summer vacation time is coming to the northern hemisphere and if you are headed off for NA or EU now is the time to take advantage of the cashback. Combine it with the TRS refund at the airport and the idea becomes very $$$ attractive $$$.