Canon - A Shining Light Into The Future

on April 22, 2014

Canon Australia have come up with a very interesting proposition for users of their products - if they become become members of their photo-interest club, they can submit images of subjects that inspire them. The phrase being " Shine a light on..." as if we are spotlighting something.

The photographer is the one making the decision about what it is that is to be promoted. If they are ultimately successful in illustrating their passion with the Canon products they own - and that success is to be judged professionally by Canon and other photo experts - then Canon Australia will showcase their image and promote their interest through the Library of NSW, their own marketing, and a documentary to be made involving the photographer.

They have published full details of this contest on their Canon Australia website and we encourage people to go and have a look at it. Even if you are not competing, or do not win, you will be rewarded by looking at the entries. And you will get a unique insight into the psyche of the photographers...