Captur Has A New Product

on August 28, 2016
I always follow what the Hahnel company put out as accessories for digital cameras as they frequently hit the exact spot that other manufacturers miss. That, and the fact that they are a recognised brand that has a base outside of Asia for marketing. Don't get me wrong - I use lots of Asian-branded accessories and they do mostly fine - but I know that there are odd brands that have no real store backup like Hahnel. If they break the only option is a bin.

Well, Hahnel are different. They not only develop useful gear but they listen to feedback and improve the design as they go along. The Captur range of camera and flash controllers are a case in point.

I've not explored their options of time-lapse and motion, light, and sound detectors but I have used the Captur remote flash or camera trigger and can attest that it does the job brilliantly. No time delays and no balky behaviour from the transmitter or receiver.

I put it down to the fact that they finally got smart and included a simple source of electricity for the two units - AA batteries. These and AAA make up the bulk of what can be bought readily on supermarket and servo shelves and any equipment that use them has a better chance of of being in operation. I curse the designers who decide on some twee little Bolivian-standard battery for their units and then expect you to write back to La Paz when your flash unit or accessory dies.

This set is for Fujifilm cameras and will either fire the camera or fire the flash, deluding on how you set it up. You can get extra receivers to allow a multiple-flash setup. Not TTL, mind. It is ideal for weddings or photo booths. Or you can hold a wedding in a photo booth...

As usual, you can order them online or you'll find them on the Hahnel rack at the shop.