Cash Back On Lenses Starts Today From Olympus

on November 23, 2014

This has been kept secret until now - they made us swear on a lighted candle while holding a hedgehog in the right hand. But now it can be told.

Starting today and going until midnight on the 31st of January, 2015, you can get cash back on the purchase of new Olympus lenses.

There are a lot of lenses on the list for cashback - all the way from the 9-18 zoom to the 75-300 zoom - with the primes and short zooms and macro and all-in-one lens as well.

There are varying amounts of cash on offer - from $ 50 to $100 depending upon the lens. The redemption is done on-line and you'll need to supply the serial number and the number of your receipt. The money comes back to you from Olympus via your BSB number.

A few exceptions: lenses that are purchased as part of a kit with an Olympus PEN or OM-D camera won't qualify for the cashback.

Other than that, this is a great opportunity to add some glass and get back some dosh.