Cool Pocket

on October 01, 2018
The Coolpix model name was a brilliant piece of branding by Nikon - if there was ever any word that would work on the mind of the young and hip, it was that. This camera lives up to it. The portability of the Nikon Coolpix 900 is not as good as the previous little pocket - it has more bulk in all dimensions when closed and more controls protrude from the surfaces. But it also contains more actual machinery and capability: 35 X zoom lens, larger sensor, onboard flash that rises away from the lens axis, 4K video, the ability to access PASM settings, 180º flipping LCD screen, and the Snapbridge circuits to connect it easily to smart mobile devices. You can change image sizes and formats, change ISO and white balance, and do many of the photographer things that you've become used to in your larger camera. Of course the camera has some of the circuitry that modifies images for art effect, as well as a setting that will do most of the scene selection settings for you. Not a feature to be sneezed at, as remember we are positing these cameras as superior snapshot machines for your jacket pocket. With this camera you start to see the familiar control wheel layout under the right thumb - useful when you are in the PASM modes. Build is a little more solid than the Canon IXUS, but at a price of greater weight and sharper angles. Battery is bigger - by a small amount - but here we start to see the adoption of an in-camera charging system. There's a wall-plug adapter and then a USB-to-microport cable that feeds into the side of the camera. It works fine, but consider that while it is working, the camera is out of operation. Fans of light packing will note that the USB can be fed from your computer or one of the USB panels that hotels seem to be putting by the side of the beds - depending on where you stay, you might not even have to take the adapter. You'll love the onboard flash that rises out of the lens axis to reduce red-eye a little. Also the LCD lets you do low angle shots and selfies. You might have wanted RAW's the jpeg results: