Dangerous Drug

on November 29, 2018
What, you may ask yourself, could possibly cause normally sensible people to start fighting in the middle of the shop floor - biting, kicking, and scratching as they rolled through the tripods...? Apparently the prospect of unboxing the new medium-format Fujifilm GFX - 50R camera. I was on hand to see the start of this deplorable incident but left before the squad cars were called. I hope none of the staff suffered Post Unboxing Stress Disorder. Dangerous things, these new Fujifilms, to cause such passion. I have promised to review one as soon as it becomes generally available, but I may hold off for a while until the tantus furore emptionis settles down. I don't want to be bitten in the frenzy. You may be made of sterner stuff. The camera body was in Stirling Street this morning, and if it is still there, and if you can prise it out of someone's hands, you can go give it a test.