Day 4 - The Attack Of The Tripods

on December 12, 2015

Looming through the predawn mist they come. Lurching from side to side on their stiff legs. Uttering their weird cry... " Where's The Voltaren? "...It's the Landscape Photographers From Outer Space...

Well, you had to be there... In any case, if you plan to go out lurching before sunrise or after sunset we recommend that you come in today and take advantage of us. Or at least take advantage of the 30% off offer on tripods.

That means you can get a top-quality Manfrotto, Cullman, 3 Legged Thing, or Gitzo tripod and save enough money for bandages and liniment.

Okay, all joking aside, you are going to need a tripod at some stage of your photo career, and in some cases more than one - big one for the studio, small one for the airplane trip. We've got 'em all - and you need not spend a fortune on them either - that 30% discount is a handy force-doubler for your budget.

Another good thing to consider is the fact that tripods can be modified easily for special purposes or frequent work by the addition of different ball heads, tilting mechanisms, panoramic tables, and video racks. You need not stay with the manufacturer's basic idea - you can customise it to suit your vision perfectly.

A case in point is me - I need a big hefty 'pod in the studio that does not move even a pixel between studio shots - so that they can be effectively layered together later. I also need the precision up and down of a geared central column. Gitzo Studex 5, thank you very much. It does not move out of the studio and very little inside it, either.

For the interstate trips I need something to balance a mirror-less Fujifilm camera that is small enough to go inside a Crumpler bag. The Cullmann Concept One 622 is fine, and as I want to do panos occasionally I have installed a Concept One swivel table on top of the ball head. Total custom job done with one Allen key.

What do you do? What do you need? Race on down to Camera Electronic and play with the tripods - we won't think you odd. It's the only way to learn. and you can learn at 30% off today.