Day 7 - Sony Gets A Turn At Your Wallet - And You Get A Dip Of Theirs

on December 15, 2015

This year Sony has leapt ahead with new equipment and now is the time to benefit from this and the Christmas crush to get a substantial cash back return. Here is the layout of the offer for today only:

A. Sony a7MkII plus a 24-70 lens has an RRP of 3798. Today the price is $ 2777 and you get a $ 200 Visa redemption.

If you're feeling flush you could add a 16-35 lens or a 70-200 lens for $ 1599 and get an additional $ 400 Visa redemption as well.

B. Try a Sony RX 100 Mk IV compact zoom camera with an RRP of $ 1399 for only $ 1239....and then take an additional CE cash back of $ 100 to lay it low at $ 1139.

C. For the mirror-less fans - a Sony a6000, a 16-50mm, and a 50mm f:1.8 lens - it runs an RRP of $ 1797 but today it can go out at $ 999 and then you can skim out another $ 150 Visa redemption. Wooo.

D. Sony a7MkII again - this time with a 28-70 lens at an RRP of $ 2698. It comes down to $ 2066 and then you get the $ 200 Visa redemption as well.

Note: Tis the season to be jolly and charitable and all but don't go mad. Buy the a7MkII for yourself and give the RX 100 MkIV as a fancy gift. Heck, at these prices you can afford to give two of 'em.