Deeper And Deeper With Olympus - The Waterproof Case

on August 30, 2015

Olympus Tough cameras are.

The TG 820 in its basic form can dive safely to 5 metres - take wonderful still or video images - and then come up safely.

Should you wish to go deeper, however, even this little toughie needs some help. The Hollywood Robot case you see here is the Olympus answer to it. It's the Olympus PT 052 underwater housing.

Mounting the TG 820 couldn't be simpler - undo the lock on the side of the PT 052, rotate the lever, and the back swings open. Carefully push in the TG 820 and it will slide into a padded cradle - no screw mounting needed. When you swing the door closed and lock it there will be appropriate fingers and rods to translate your button pushing on the outside onto the buttons on the inside.

The marvellous part on the back is the large screen and the rubber shade around it - you get a clear view of what the lens sees as you swim around. It will be dark at 45 metres so the camera flash will be needed to illuminate the fishes and corals...and there is a very useful flash diffuser panel on the housing to spread this.

Ok - if you're a diver you know how to dive, and if you're reading this, presumably how to re-surface. Consider diving into your bank account for this camera and housing.