Did You Get A Lens Hood With It?

on August 25, 2015

You did? Good. Is it on the lens? Good.

You did but it is still in the box? Well, have you noticed how some of your pictures are somewhat washed out? And there are light streaks every now and then? And blobs of light appear? Guess where this is going...

Oh, don't get me wrong. 1970's hippie films would be nothing without their light flares and psychedelic spots. Indeed what would the 70's have been without spotty flairs...?

But losing your image to plain old leaked light when you needn't is foolish. Never mind those who look at you funny if your lens hood is half the length of the lens itself - it is there for a purpose. Hide the front element of your good lens down the end of a dark little tunnel and it will stay fresh...

Note to those people who purchase lenses from certain manufacturers - some don't provide a hood in the box. They sell a hood in another box. Don't ask me why. Did they include one in every box like the first lot do, then everyone would have one and we would all be saturated and colourful.

In any case, get a hood.