Different Than We Expected

on December 15, 2011
I am not sure whether this is a Yay or not, but here is the current situation: When the Japanese and Thai disasters struck earlier in the year there was a great deal of no information about the actual state of the business – and then rumour and fragmentary discussions started and we were lead to believe that all stocks of cameras from the two major manufacturers would cease - or be so truncated that the Christmas selling period would be a flop.

At one stage of the game we were down to one or none of some of the best-selling DSLRs and moping about. No joke – people wanted and needed things and the factories that make them were flooded out. Disaster overseas and gloomy music here.

Change of tempo. Stocks of cameras and lenses have come in. We can dive into the upstairs stock room and bring down what you want. The process of some equipment has stayed good and Christmas specials are being advertised.

SO – no need to ask for socks this year. No need to grind your own zoom lenses to go away on holiday with. No need to load film in your DSLR....though it is always fun to watch someone try....and now is the time to come in and buy.