DL AND COOLPIX - Nikon Has Some New New Cameras Coming

on February 23, 2016

COOLPIX is a familiar name for Nikon enthusiasts - it has been the model name for a number of their compact digital cameras for a number of years now. They have wisely retained it to introduce four more new compact and bridge cameras: the COOLPIX B700, B500, and the A900 and A300.

We've just been sent the promotional sheets for them and to give you a précis of the new features, essentially you can regard the B series as the ones with electronic viewfinders while the A series are screens alone.

The B700 will have a 60X optical zoom, 20.3 Megapixels on a back-lit CMOS sensor and a new processor. It will shoot 4K video and has a number of new features for video like "Superlapse" to combine numerous pictures.

The B500 is similarly-shaped but has a 40x optical zoom. and 16 Megapixels for the sensor. All the other good stuff , though.

The A900 has a 35x optical zoom and 20.3 Megapixels but has the additional capability of a 1cm super macro mode. As well as " Superlapse ". Super! 4K as well.

The A400 is the stylish compact of he series with an 8 x optical zoom and a variety of body colours. Good for panorama or 2 cm macro and hosts a wealth of features that will appeal to the selfie shooter...like Glamour Retouch. I need Glamour Retouch. Actually I would be satisfied with Not Quite So Hideous Retouch...

OKAY - now the new news for bigger shooters. People who would like to carry pocketable Nikon camera to supplement their big Nikon DSLR outfits - or who would like to take the Nikon lens quality out for a run where weight and size matter.

Nikon have introduced the DL range of cameras - looks as though there will be three of them initally - with a host of new features across the models. These are large compacts with lenses that are fixed in place...however there are three models with zoom lenses that are intended for three ranges of work:

1. DL 18-50

As the title implies, this is the wide-angle model of the series. It will have a lens capable of 18-50mm equivalent fixed in front of a 1" backlit CMOS sensor. The lens runs at f:1.8-2.8. There is an effective VR system, new processor, Nikon Snap Bridge data-sharing capability and an optional OLED electronic viewfinder available.

2. DL 24-85

Here's the medium range lens model - again at f:1.8-2.8 but with the same features as the wide one. Also noted on the press release: an in-built neutral density filter to let you use those wide apertures in bright light. Plus a super-macro mode.

3. DL 24-500

Well, here Nikon have had to include an electronic viewfinder in the design from the start - that long telephoto lens capability demands it. Aperture is f:2.8-5.6 for this longer lens.

The delivery times for these new cameras extend into the next few months but we'll be letting you know when they hit the shop shelves. You can also pursue them through our on-line store.