Don't Apologise...

on September 28, 2015

Folks, don't apologise when you visit us. We understand.

If you're not a professional - don't apologise. We like to help amateurs and enthusiasts as much as professionals. And as a non-professional you'll probably be better dressed...

Lost your charger? Don't apologise. Join the club. We've ALL lost chargers. That's what we stock the Hahnel range of universal chargers for. Chargers in hotel rooms are like socks in the drier.

Don't know how to set our camera? Don't apologise. No problem - we know how to set cameras. " Automatic " is a good setting for cameras and Maxims, and for many of the same reasons. Just tell us what you want to do with it and we'll turn the dials and push the buttons.

( Secret Squirrel Club...many of the cameras you can get have a 'reset' button that returns it to factory default settings. Lots of times this is what you want.)

Can't remember what you bought before? Don't apologise. We can - the computer remembers back to a week before The Flood. We can tell the insurance company what you paid for it.

Want to take some sample pictures? Don't apologise - we do this all the time. No end of customers have sold themselves on a lens after seeing the results in 100% on their home computer. We hope that the portraits they take of the staff with the test lenses will become treasured works of art. Some of the staff are works of art...

In a hurry? Don't apologise - just don't load us up with two dozen technical questions while we try to operate the till at lunch time. Come earlier or later and you'll get more speed.

Want to know when the latest piece of goods will be released? Don't apologise - we want to know too. If you find out before we do come and tell us.