Drop In Some Time

on May 15, 2014

Normally I welcome birds. Whether they are the feathered variety or the ones that wear short skirts, they serve to brighten the day. Chirp, cheep and chat.

They also do other things. In this case all over one of the new television monitors put up by one of the major photographic equipment makers who has helped us make a new display area at the front of the shop.

I have heard it is good luck when a bird poops on you - a strange cultural concept but no worse than those involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. At least you can wipe off the bird, but the memory of some of those songs and acts on the ESC are going to be just indelible.

I shall be interested to see whether the brand that the bird selected now undergoes an increase in sales over the next month...

Note - this was likely to have been a Willy Wagtail - the miniature bully of the bird world.