DX on safari

on June 14, 2012
Well, Nikon has just announced a new lens, and I think it is going to have a great appeal to the public. Specifically that portion of the public who have Nikon DSLRs and are just about to embark upon a retirement safari to Africa or Alaska.

One of the great things about these destinations is the wildlife. Lions in Kruger national park and bears in B.C. and Alaska. Wonderful iconic creatures these, and magnificent in their native habitat. The fact that they will kill you and eat you as soon as look at you may be a little off-putting to some people but this is where Nikon comes in. The 18-300 f:3.5-5.6 VR DX Nikon lens will enable you to get that close-up of the carnivore from the safety of distance and the wide-angle end of the lens will make fabulous landscape shots.

It's the longer version of the 18-200 VR II lens - another 100 mm zoom in much the same shaped body. There is a travel lock at 18mm, a VR mechanism, instant over-ride manual focus, and all the other features of the immensely successful 18-200. This is a sweet lens - I use one for general dance show work and weddings and it comes in for its fair share of studio work.

For the traveller, it is a godsend in dusty or damp conditions. No need to change lenses at all over the entire trip so no ingress of particles or moisture into the sensor. Combine it with a Think Tank Digital holster and you have an entire travel setup over your shoulder.

It would also be a delight for the car-race enthusiast, the air show spectator, field sports shooter, or trackside photographer - the 300mm lens length is good for all of these. The weight is significantly less than that of some of the aftermarket lenses and you are getting Nikon quality glass.

Needless to say. I shall be trying one as soon as they are released here on our market.