Enter The Bargain Zone For $ 5

on June 19, 2014

Those of you who remember our shop a few years ago...indeed a few decades ago...remember that we often had large amounts of strange equipment jumbled about. it could be like a voyage of discovery to find a long-dead civilisation. Sort of an Indiana Jones movie but without the big rock that rolls down on you...

Things have changed here on the sales floor with the advent of new cabinetry and the more ordered display of cameras and lenses. This is welcomed by most of the customers and all of the staff.

To cater for the explorers, however, we have unearthed a seemingly endless supply of small camera bags and oddly assorted filters. There are four easy-access bins at the front of the sales area near the Fujifilm cabinet that we have designated as the Bargain Zone. These are filled with the rich harvest of new little pouches and you are welcome to take all you wish at $ 5 apiece.

Think outside the square and inside the case...memory cards...car keys...change and credit cards...small sandwiches...ammunition...accessories for strobists...well you could use these little guys for just about anything. I am thinking of making a utility belt for myself out of the more colourful ones. When guests come over I'll wear it round the house. That'll ensure they don't stay too long.

$ 5 never bought a better bargain...