Epson Surecolor SC-P600

on June 22, 2015

We have yet to break the tape seal on one of the new Epson Surecolor SC-P600 inkjet printers here in the shop. Lack of space, not lack of soon as someone wants to see in the box we are all going to crowd round and poke our professional noses in.

I expect it will look somewhat similar to my Epson Stylus Photo R3000 -the printer it has replaced in the Epson range. There will be a few new things - bigger cartridges, I believe, and automatic switching between gloss and matte black inks.

I see it has got the wireless linkage and a lot of the funny photo sharing provisions to print from the newer smart phone or pad devices. This scares me, so I just use the aethernet wired socket in the back and that works fine

What also works fine, and I'm a complete fan of this after last Saturday afternoon, is the facility in it to print the labels of CD disks. There is a slick little plastic jig that holds one of the CD or DVD discs that is taken into the printer automatically. Epson have provided a program with the printer that sets up a label design window in your hard drive. You electronically whack it out on the virtual desktop and start cutting, sewing, and daubing. There are a number of suggested design templates or you can wing it on your own.

Put in a background, if you wish - I suggest a lighter image if you are going to have dark colours for the text on the disc. Lighter images use less ink, as well, so there is economy to consider should you be making a large run of discs.

The text commands for the disc are phenomenal, in that you can type them out straight and then curve them perfectly to the shape of the disc. And all with one grab of a dot - I think it must be industrial magic.

You'll spend some time making the disc label design to your own taste, but you'll be amazed how fast the printer can do the rest of the job. From clipping the disc into the plastic holder through the auto loading and then the printing from computer command it is 4 button clicks and takes about 90 seconds Then the machine spits out the printed disc and you can start again. I was terrified of the job but it all turned out so simple - and that is really the trick that Epson have for inkjet printer users:

Epson works, works well, and works very simply. Hooray.