Extra Post today - A Timely Reminder

on January 08, 2017

Folks, the camera makers have been offering cashbacks for the last few months to boost Christmas sales.

Some have already finished, and congratulations to those customers who benefitted thereby...but some are still going for a very short period of time.

Those interested in Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and Instax should make time today to place an order to take advantage of these last few days of grace.

And you might also keep a screen eye peeled for the main Camera Electronic notices - we're due to have a Friday the 13th sale here at the end of this current week. I'm a little uncertain what they intend to list out but if you go to our main page or if you are a Facebook or email reader you should get some idea.

I don't think that that the management went with my suggestion of a free curse with every purchase but I shall be making up little parcels of them and taking them round to my friend's doorsteps on the day. I am a sucker for tradition...

Uncle Dick