Fly Away With Think Tank

on December 04, 2014

And a special prize for the person who identifies the make and year of the bonnet ornament.

Now on to the bag. A lot of the customers are flying somewhere for Christmas or January holidays. The airline companies are crying poor and cutting down on the baggage allowance that they they get to take. It will soon be more cost-effective to arrive in London stark naked and buy all your clothing there to avoid excess-baggage charges.

The tourists still want to take their cameras - and those who sensibly opt for smaller outfits will want to house them well. For the minimalist who decides that an Olympus E-P5 or a Fujifilm X100t will be perfect ( and they will be perfect...) the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover bag is equally perfect.

Space for the camera, several extra memory cards, a spare battery, and a Mintie*. Belt loop or shoulder strap. Water-repellent raincoat included in a side pouch. All you need in one convenient package.

* For those moments...