Flying To See The Locals With Fujifilm

on November 16, 2014

There have been no posts from this blog for the last two weeks - the writer was on holiday.
He flew to Singapore with his daughter to find out what the city/island/nation is like.

It is very nice. Very, very nice. And it proved an eye-opener as far as travel photography goes.

To start with, I asked about the layout of the place - whether I would need long lenses or wide angles. As it is an urban environment, the wides won out. Then I asked whether there was electricity there( !...). That was not just to be silly - I needed to know if my chargers would work, and whether there was a lot of external lighting at night that would obviate the need for an external flash. In the end I chose my Fujifilm X-100 camera with a spare battery and my Cullmann 622t tripod - as basic an outfit as you could want. Even with the additional WCL-100 wide angle adapter I carry the whole thing made a very light pack.

Okay, I walked around. I marvelled at the Art Deco buildings. I visited the Peranakan Museum. I shot on RAW + small jpeg. I used the Cullmann for selfies and panoramas.

And I went to the Jurong Bird Park nocturnal house. Turning the flash and AF assist light off, I was able to wander through the darkness and find the sharp edges of the railings with my shins. But by turning the ISO up to 6400 and the aperture to f:2.0, I was able to capture the owls in their stygian gloom. I literally could not see the birds - but the Fujifilm X-100 did.

So - with the advent of an even better Fujifilm X-100 camera...the X-100t...I think travellers would be well advised to consider it as their camera of choice. We'll be having a Fujifilm X-100t show here on Thursday after work, so pop along and see it in action.

Uncle Dick