Fong Change

on July 30, 2014

Long a fan of the Fong, I noticed recently that the Collapsible Lightsphere has had a change.

The previous model was all one moulding that you pressed carefully onto the throat of your speedlight. It stuck on with a set of moulded blades that gripped the head. A little tricky when you were in the heat of the moment but it fit everything.

The new version has four soft flanges that go round the head and a nylon strap that cinches it tight in place. As with everything these days, the final grip is a Velcro patch.

Does it work? You bet - easier to put on and perfectly secure with that strap. The basic action of softening and spreading light is just the same as before - but Gary has designed a new instruction leaflet that is easier to decipher.

If your camera runs clean at ISO 800 this is all you need to do good people pictures at weddings This and a stick to scatter the flower girls when they get annoying.